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Healthcare bed supplier becomes NHS PASA approved
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Healthcare bed supplier, Volker Healthcare (GB) Ltd, has recently been credited with PASA approval to supply beds to the National Health Service (NHS).

NHS PASA (Purchasing and Supply Agency) is an executive agency of the Department of Health and works to ensure the NHS has access to the best possible resources available. With this in mind, PASA has awarded Volker Healthcare (GB) Ltd its approval across its range of healthcare & hospital beds for inclusion within the NHS arena.

Volker Healthcare (GB) Ltd is the UK partner of Völker AG, a class-leading manufacturer of healthcare, hospital & comfort beds and furniture. Volker Healthcare aim to provide the very best of all healthcare beds in order to offer occupants a life in dignity despite growing immobility, to provide nursing staff with as much relief of work as possible and to offer investors a medical product with little maintenance effort and low add-on costs.

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