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Heinrich Volker I., the grandfather of the present owner, founds the Volker company as a cabinetmaker's workshop.


The founder is succeeded by his son, Heinrich Volker II. He begins producing furniture for commercial facilities.


The grandson of the founder, Heinrich Volker III., takes over the company and begins specializing in the production of specialized healthcare furniture.


IEver-increasing volume makes it necessary to expand to industrial production and move into larger premises.


Volker launches the first wooden healthcare bed with the now-classic rounded corner design.


All Volker healthcare beds are equipped with the revolutionary integrated side rails developed by Heinrich Volker.


The Volker 2080 E electric healthcare bed is launched.


The 2080 E is complemented by model 2090 E, today's model FS.


Expansion makes it necessary to move into today's plant.


The K 960 hospital bed is launched.


Volker healthcare beds are awarded the design prize in their class for the best product for seniors by the Design Centre, Stuttgart.


The growing demand for Volker hospital beds makes it necessary to establish a new plant in Hainichen, Saxony.


Launch of the Volker 3080 healthcare bed. The newly developed undercarriage is equipped with the superstructure of the already well-established 2080.


The beletto convenience bed for the private market is launched in the autumn.


Transformation into a public limited company with the divisions of Healthcare beds for institutional and domestic care; Convenience healthcare beds for private use; Hospital beds and the service division B.O.S. (bed optimization system).


Ceremonial openings of Volker subsidiaries in France and Belgium.


Volker healthcare beds with optimized undercarriage, improved and patented assist rails and the patented Volker MiS® Micro-stimulation system are presented at the Altenpflege fair in Nuremberg; Volker hospital beds with waterproof height adjustment unit, developed in cooperation with Porsche Engineering, improved and patented assist rails, new design platform and pressure reduction, the Volker MiS® Micro-stimulation system, are launched at the Medica fair in Düsseldorf.


Home market share for healthcare beds (whole product line) increases to approx. 60 percent and for hospital beds (middle/high-end) to approx. 40 percent, confirming Volker's innovative power. With associates in more than 20 countries worldwide and an export market share of approx. 35 percent, Volker is well positioned - also globally.


The expert standard " Sturzprophylaxe" confirmed finally the Volker innovation of the split, side rails.


At the Medica International Fair in Dusseldorf the further developed active MiS® lying surface is introduced as system to the effective Dekubitus therapy.


At the Medica International Fair in Dusseldorf the Vis-a-Vis nursing bed is introduced.

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