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A New Feature of the Volker Care Concept
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The stunning new Volker Vis-a-Vis bed is now available to the UK for the first time. Called Vis-a-Vis because it allows face-to-face interaction at eye-level, it follows the Volker philosophy of encouraging more participation in an active life, and the latest innovation follows the theory that forming the bed into a seat and placing the clients feet firmly on the floor encourages even sometimes immobile clients to stand.

Sometime ago, the engineers at Volker asked themselves what would happen if they were to forwardly mobilise residents out of their bed, if they could place their feet firmly on the ground, if a bed really could contribute to an activation of immobile residents, from lying down to sitting up to getting up to, finally, walking, step by step with a thoroughly ergonomic aid that is comfortable for all.

What conditions would have to be met in terms of design? A bed whose lower-leg part can be shifted to the side and allows the patient to assume a sitting position. Special drive motors were deigned in conjunction with Porsche Engineering. Volker called this bed 'Vis-a-Vis' because nursing and communication takes place at eye level and it allows patients’ participation in daily routines.

The Volker vision is to enable all people in need of care to live their life as independently as possible. Volker promotes this philosophy with the beds' functions, which meet care giving requirements by allowing clients to care for themselves through the use of technology.

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