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Customer Service and Maintenance

Multifunctional Hospital beds should not be in the lowest position,after the power cord controller wound,
pushing and release to safety position,the caster brakes and regular inspection,checking the control cable wires and
the linear actuators,the patch whether is solid and reliable,connecting bolts whether are loose.
Regular cleaning,use a neutral detergent to cleaning, after cleaning with a soft and dry cloth wipe,
ventilated place, never use alkaline or other corrosive liquids cleaning.

During handling and use,Non-collision,prevent damage to structural components.
Do not mix with strong acids,alkali contact and protect against corrosion.
If inadvertently affected by strong acids such as local alkali corrosion or sticky filth, have failed to clear the discoloration affect corrosion, it can be washed or soaked with water and use neutral detergent and wipe with a damp cloth,
then wipe with a dry cloth.
Spray gun for high pressure cleaners are not allowed for cleaning and disinfection.

Does not allow the use of solvents,abrasives,decontamination foam or other friction material.
Cleaning the water should be used between the 6-8 pH value,total hardness of water does not allow more than 0.9mmol / l (less than 5 degrees),softened water is not allowed.
In the beginning of each run and re-starts,hospital beds may be in non-braking condition,therefore, the caster should be required to check the brake.
Before the implementation of the maintenance work to disconnect the power plug and disconnect the battery pack,
press green button of motor housing and reset button.

After hospital beds are disinfected and can be implemented with medical maintenance and repair work,
In the maintenance (repair) must be checked after the end of the function, to check the security situation for hospital beds, Under the hospital beds can not produce dangerous condition, checking on patients and caregivers in accordance with the provisions to use.
If It needs for repair or replacement parts,please contact our service department,do not disassemble.

Anyone purchase Hospital beds and Healthycare beds will enjoy technology services from Volker AG distributor in Chinese market, provided with electrical part one year Gurantee for Hospital beds and steel structure two years quanlity guarantee.
During the guarantee period due to failure of product quality, Volker AG Chinese distributor will be provided free of charge components.
Modified by the buyer themself or the destruction of their own cause equipment damage, not covered under warranty.
When guarantee period is over,Volker AG in Chinese distributor will guarantee to supply with 10 years spare parts for their hospital beds,
but the cost will be separate accounting.


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