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    In 1912, Heinrich Volker I., the current owner's grandfather, founded a furniture factory that specialized in furnishings for social facilities. His son Heinrich Volker II. then aligned production towards complete furnishings for hospitals, nursing homes and nurses' dormitories. Today's CEO, Heinrich Volker III., is running the company since 1967.

In three generations, the cabinetmaker's shop has been transformed into one of the major companies producing technical healthcare furnishings in Germany. And what's more: Volker has rapidly become known worldwide for its innovative healthcare beds and hospital beds.

Over the past twenty years, Volker has been able to increase its sales by more than twenty-fold. And there is a reason for this success: Family tradition. And the vision of an ever better healthcare bed for nursing homes and hospitals

Volker AG  focuses upon healthcare beds and hospital beds as pioneering medical products with innovative and often patented features,main products as follow details.

Hospital beds with models. S962-2.  S 962-2W.  S 962-2 Vis-a-Vis.  3082K.  5380K.  S 382
Healthcare beds with models.  2082.  3082.  3082K.  3082Vis-a-Vis.  5380. S382.
There are also differents kinds bedside Cabinets, Furniture and Accessories.

Up to now, Volker AG products has been sold worldwide over 35 countries,  in 2011  the expected sales stand at about Euro 95 million . in 2012 the expected sales stand over 100 million Euro.

Let us convince you of the Volker AG  idea to sell nothing but the best healthcare and hospital beds.

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